Grow Light Lamps is your online resource for grow lights, indoor gardening and expert advice on the optimum grow lights setup for maximizing your crops while minimizing your costs. Whether you are growing for medicinal, personal or commercial purposes, using Aeroponics or Hydroponics, the most important decision you will make is selecting the right grow light lamps for your plants. Too little light and they will fail to flower, or even die. Too much light and you could find yourself facing high energy bills that make your enterprise too expensive. Here on this site, we can help you find the optimal balance, ensuring excellent growth and energy efficiency without blowing out your budget. 

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Who we are

Here on this site you have access to decades of professional lighting expertise from the people behind Energy Efficient Devices and Green Energy Solutions, Inc. We have helped everyone from retailers to military contractors to build and install energy efficient lighting systems. Now we are bringing this expertise to those seeking to grow plants indoors.

Introduction to indoor horticulture

There are many reasons someone may choose to grow plants indoors. You may not have access to a garden, or the local climate may not be suited to your chosen plant. Or you may simply wish for some discretion in your growing and choose to produce your crop in private. Whatever your reason, it’s possible to have a bountiful harvest if you choose the right grow light lamps.

Photoperiod length & energy efficiency

One of the things you will need to consider is what’s called the photoperiod length. This is the amount of sunlight your plant would normally require to bloom if it was growing in the wild, and your grow light lamps will need to be switched on for a corresponding amount of time. This varies from plant to plant, depending on which time of year it normally blooms in. A “short-day” plant, for example, expects 8 hours of uninterrupted sunlight per day.

To run an old-fashioned incandescent bulb for that length of time would use 0.8 kWh, which is an impractical amount of energy usage for the average home grower. Obviously, the more you can do to cut down on that energy usage, the greater the financial reward.

Grow Light Lamps

Picking the right grow light lamps: Starter sets

Most starter sets will offer a single CFL (compact fluorescent bulb) or some other kind of fluorescent grow light. These starter kits are generally fine for someone looking to try their hand at indoor growing and you should be able to grow a single plant without any issues. The problem with most starter sets as offered by other companies is that they’re not scalable, meaning that if you do decide to increase the number of plants being grown, you’ll need to start from scratch.

Picking the right grow lights: Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lights

These lights were traditionally used for indoor growing before being made largely obsolete by advances in modern technology. Some grow light sellers still offer them to customers without warning of the disadvantages so it’s important to be aware of why you might want to steer clear of these lights.

One of the main selling points of a metal halide or HPS light is that you can use it in a standard light fitting without needing any further specialist equipment. However, they can generate an incredible amount of heat, especially if you have multiple lights set up. So that means that you will have to invest in some kind of ventilation solution, as well as taking proper precautions to reduce the risk of fire.

Also, these lights lack the energy efficiency of modern grow lights, making them cost ineffective over the long run

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light FixturesPicking the right grow lights: Induction or LED

LED grow lights are still a developing technology and some LED grow lights are better than others. Even if you do get the right equipment, setting them up in an optimal fashion can still be a challenge. That’s why some growers still stick to the older, more expensive solutions like metal halide grow lights.

Latest test results; 12 months testing. Vegetative Stage Proven!, Use only 1 fixture for all growth phases! (with use of optional 0-10V dimming); features High Output COB LEDs; Full spectrum wave length (P.A.R. Range 380nm – 730nm); Easily half the power requirements and with additional savings from reduced heat there is much less need to ventilate grow room with expensive air conditioning, fans and other heat extraction devices. Industry best 5 year warranty with Optics IP Rating IP68; Driver IP Rating IP67 (dust and water proof); features High Output COB LEDs; Full spectrum wave length. 

Induction grow light lamps offer an energy efficient, cost effective, scalable solution to every grower’s needs. Induction lamps are a proven technology, easy to set up and maintain and use only a fraction of the energy of other grow lights. They don’t produce metal halide heat and Induction lighting systems will offer you incredibly sophisticated options to regulate the amount of light emitted, ensuring a perfect grow every time. Induction grow light lamps are rated for high lumen output and high lumen maintenance – greater than 70% at 75,000+ hours is on hand to offer you our immense expertise of Induction and LED grow lights. Contact us to today for further information and a quote.

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